a special thanks ... 


for your plastic donations

Your donations are important to us. Together we can swerve these plastics from landfill or incineration and raise awareness across the island about these momentary toxic plastics.

to our customers


 "I absolutely love my beach bag and travel wash bag. So individual and funky and the fact that they are recycled from old plastic that would have been discarded is really lovely knowing you are doing your bit for Mother Earth"


“I love it, thank you so much. It’s lovely and amazing quality! I’m a trainee teacher & I use it every day for school. I’m so glad I can help out such a great small business”

"Many lilos are thrown away after the summer season but the material is so strong that you might as well turn them into something as cool as this bag!! Thanks I totally recommend them if you are looking for a new bag!"

“It is the worst of times but it is the best of times because we still have a chance.”
Sylvia Earle, marine biologist.

and a huge thanks for all your love and support...

Sophia - www.sofiawinghamre.com
Gael - www.instagram.com/m4chattack
Julie-Anne - www.supportivelanguage.com &  The Islander Magazine - March 2021 by Simon Relph - Issuu
Jo - www.evelynandbloom.com
Lisanne - www.healingmallorca.com
Hannah - https://www.viveco.co  &  www.instagram.com/viveco.co
Dana - www.ecobodega.es  &  www.instagram.com/ecobodega
Carole -  www.thehappyladder.org  &  www.instagram.com/thehappyladder

And a huge thank you to my husband/sewing apprentice/mechanic/P.A/rock, Jamie. And thanks to Joe for your inspiration and believing in me!

x Thank you all from boaplanet x
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