discarded plastics recycled into unique bags and accessories

the process

life rafts

The decommissioned life rafts are donated from a number of marine safety companies in Mallorca. We strip off the webbing & rope and then cut down and clean them.


The discarded lilos and sea toys are donated from schools, yachts, hotels and by the Mallorcan community. All our plastic is cleaned thoroughly and cut by hand to ensure minimum waste.


production line

Using a variety of templates we combine the life raft and lilo to make each bag unique with the life rafts forming the main structure and the lilos adding colour and texture.


All our unique bags and accessories are hand made in Mallorca by myself using an industrial sewing machine.

finished products

We have a range of ready made items in stock but can work to your specification. We can also reinvent your summer holiday inflatable into a bag or accessory as a memento of your trip. You can also follow its recycled journey.

happy customers

Thanks to all our customers and clients for their support and guidance. Hopefully we can all help to divert otherwise discarded plastics and prolong their useful life.


our mission

We want to raise awareness about polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the primary plastic used in life rafts and lilos and non recyclable. Once burnt or put into landfill it releases dioxins alongside other toxic chemicals into our eco system. We want to play our part in encouraging people to think differently and move away from unthinking and wasteful consumerism which is critically damaging the environment. We are hoping to repurpose tons of toxic plastics into usable products providing plastic with a prolonged and useful life.


We have a wide selection of accessories and bags from purses to beach bags.  Our life rafts are the main structure of all of our bags, making them easy to clean, durable and long lasting. 
We are able to make bags to your specification so if you have a favourite deflated sea/pool/beach inflatable and wish to make a bag and memory of a special summer, get in touch! Or if you have a style of bag in mind just let us know!  

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